When you come to Hervey Bay to see the whales we guarantee that you’ll have the most unforgettable time of your life!

Whale watching season in Hervey Bay runs from late July to early November, so be here to get up close and personal with the most magnificent creatures on the planet.  All the whale watch tours can be booked at the motel with a courtesy pick up at the door.

You will never forget the experience of a face to face interaction with nature’s biggest animal!

Six good reasons to come whale watching in Hervey Bay:

  • You’ll see the whales when they’re relaxing and having fun. They’re not in a hurry to go anywhere else.
  • You’ll see the whales up close and personal. No one gets you closer to these magnificent creatures than the skippers of the Hervey Bay whale boats.
  • You’ll see the whales in the calm enclosed waters of Hervey Bay. There are no big waves, no heavy seas and little chance of getting seasick in Hervey Bay.
  • You’ll sail in fast comfortable boats, crewed by people who know how to look after you and where to find the whales that you want to see.
  • You get the experience of a lifetime! You’ll never forget your encounter with the humpback whales.

So what are you waiting for? The whales are here between July and November so get yourself to Hervey Bay. The whales want to meet you just as much as you want to meet them!